Official opening of Alanya Gazipasa Airport

Official opening of Alanya Gazipasa Airport

For people who want to invest in properties in Turkey, Alanya is now by far the best alternative.

On Saturday, 14/12/2013 the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and his wife Emine, the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim, the Governor of Gazipasa, the mayor of Alanya and many other important politicians of the country opened the Gazipasa airport official.

The airport was completed and opened to traffic in 2009.

With a runway of 2000 m the Gazipasa airport has a capacity of 500,000 passengers for domestic and international flights. Last year, approximately 80,000 passengers used the airport Gazipasa, this year already more than 350,000 passengers.

In last year, 854 flights landed and started; this year there were already 2,541 flights from and to the Gazipasa airport. The Gazipasa Airport is now known very well in many European countries.

Currently, three airplanes can be handled at the same time. Prime Minister Erdogan promised this number will increase in 2014 on at least 6 flights.

The number of passengers will increase from 500,000 annually to 1.5 million passengers.

Prime Minister Erdogan announced that they decide with the airport operator TAV to extend the 2000 m runway to 2500 m, to increase the numbers of flights and passengers.

The expansion of the Gazipasa airport is a significant investment for the tourism in Alanya, and Prime Minister Erdogan notify that the number of tourists visiting in Turkey has risen in the last 10 years from 13 million, tripled to 36 million.

Another important investment in this region is the coast road from Gazipasa to Alanya, which has been completely renewed. From Alanya the Gazipasa Airport can be reached in just 15 minutes.

Especially for those who already own a property in Alanya, the new airport is a important relief. The transfer time to the Antalya airport is about 90 minutes, which means a considerable shortening.

Meanwhile flights from 8 different countries are landing on the Gazipasa Airport. From European countries the flights is only 3.5 hours.

For people who want to invest in properties in Turkey, Alanya is now by far the best alternative.